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New Bricks

At T Caudwell, we source, clean, and sell a large number of reclaimed and weathered bricks, but we also understand that a lot of contractors and home renovators want the reassurance and the cost benefits of buying new bricks. As such, we also supply high quality, new bricks.

Choose from those like the Imperial range, which are treated to look aged and weathered but are actually new bricks. We also have Flettons or Commons bricks, creased face or smooth face bricks, and a variety of colours to ensure that you can find the bricks to match any project. Whether you are building a new garden wall, want to match an extension to the style of your existing property, or are sourcing traditional bricks for a new-build project, we can supply you with the products you need.

Brick Colour

The colour of a brick is primarily determined by the exact mineral content of the clay. Traditionally this has meant that different areas of the country have benefited from different coloured bricks.

Buff yellow bricks have been commonplace in the South East of England and London for years, while bright red bricks are more common in the Midlands and North of England. Blue bricks, which are almost black in some cases, can be found can be found in buildings around Staffordshire. If you are looking for traditional colours, consider the bricks used to construct buildings local to your construction project.

New Brick Finish Options

You will also need to consider the finish of the brick. Creased face bricks are those with the characteristic creases and folds. They look natural and less utilitarian, and even new bricks made with this finish can have the appearance of being reclaimed or weathered. Smooth face bricks are usually wire cut which gives them a much straighter and cleaner line.

If you are looking to create a wall finish that looks modern and contemporary, then smooth face bricks are ideal.

Buy New Bricks Today

T Caudwell has more than 45 years of experience in the construction industry. As well as sourcing old bricks from old houses, warehouses, and other buildings, we also stock and sell a large selection of new bricks. Choose from the weathered style of the Imperial range, smooth of creased face bricks, and enjoy competitive prices on all our products.

Call and speak to one of the team today, on 01622 746 225, or call in to our yard in Maidstone, Kent, to see the full collection of 500,000 bricks.

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