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New 'Imperial' Range

Imperial Range – prices from 80p per brick

Our new Imperial bricks range are new bricks that have been treated so that they offer an aged and weathered look. To further give the impression of age, and to remove the sterile look that new bricks can suffer from, one of the faces or ends may also be over burned giving them lots of the character that people normally look for in reclaimed bricks but with the structural and engineering benefits offered by new bricks.

The Benefits Of Both Worlds

Customers love reclaimed bricks. They like the creases and folds, and they even like the leftover mortar that can be found on some edges of previously used bricks. However, the reclamation process and the scarcity of the bricks means that reclaimed bricks can cost more than new bricks. Some are decades old, too, and while we take every care to select only the best bricks from those on offer, they naturally have a shorter life than a new brick.

Our Imperial range of new reclaimed bricks offer the best of both worlds – they have the beauty, charm, and character of reclaimed, but they have the strength and integrity, as well as the cost, of new bricks.

The Imperial range includes a selection of colours and styles. The red and blue bricks can be combined to give a weathered look, while soft red bricks are a great choice for a traditional looking brick building. Yellow Imperial bricks are designed to look highly weathered, so they have an attractive and traditional aged look. They include overburned edges and look exactly like reclaimed bricks, but because they are new, they are designed to last for decades without giving you any problems.

Buy Weathered Bricks From T Caudwell

T Caudwell is a family run business with nearly 50 years’ experience working in the construction industry. Our Maidstone based yard has more than half a million bricks, including both reclaimed and new, weathered bricks like those in the Imperial brick range. Whatever your style and colour requirements, we have the bricks to match, and we even offer a brick matching service; show us the bricks you are replacing and we will find the closest match for you. Call us on 01622 746 225 or call in to see our full collection of bricks and reclaimed stone for your next project.

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