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Reclaimed Bricks

We have a huge selection of authentic Reclaimed Bricks available from our yard in Maidstone, Kent. High quality local bricks. Low prices with Next Day Delivery available throughout Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and Sussex

Reclaimed bricks are aged and attractive, and they can give any property a traditional look. Whether you are using them to build an external wall, or for a full period property renovation, you can find any colour and style mix.

Reclaimed bricks also offer a viable method of sourcing unusual dimensions that would be difficult to find otherwise. As well as adding character to a project, reclaimed bricks are environmentally friendly and incredibly characterful.

The Reclaimed Process

Reclaimed bricks can come from a host of different sources. They can come from demolished houses, mills, warehouses, and other old buildings. The bricks can range in age from a few years old to hundreds of years old. They also vary in size, dimensions, and condition. This means choosing a reliable source of reclaimed building products is vital if you want to ensure that you get good quality bricks.

At T Caudwell, we stock over half a million bricks of different grades, ages, dimensions, and colours. We source the bricks, dispose of any that are too badly damaged, and we clean and sort those that are left before selling them. Reclaimed bricks need two workable sides – one bond and one stretch.

Aesthetic Appeal

The main reason that most people choose reclaimed bricks is for their aesthetic appeal and character. New bricks can look very utilitarian, until they have become aged and weathered. Their straight lines and solid corners mean that they are uniform, but they lack the character that older bricks afford a project.

They have creases, folds, and variations in colour. They look weathered and worn. There may be remnants of mortar left on the bricks. This combination of traits is what makes our reclaimed bricks such a popular choice with our buyers.

Period Style

A popular use of reclaimed bricks is in the renovation, repair, or improvement of period properties. Adding new bricks to a century old property looks out of place and detracts from the period style that you want.

When renovating a period property, contractors are encouraged to utilise the bricks and other materials that are already on site. However, this isn’t always possible. Some properties are hundreds of years old, and the likelihood is that there will have been damage to bricks and other materials. Buying new bricks does offer you undamaged materials, but these new bricks will stand out once used. It is almost impossible to age and weather bricks quickly; they are designed to withstand the elements without becoming badly damaged.

Reclaimed bricks can work out more expensive than buying new bricks, but they can greatly enhance the look of your property. This, in turn, makes them a sound investment, because they can help to increase the value and appeal of your property, if you ever come to sell. What’s more, we take great pride in the service that we provide, and the quality of our bricks, so whether you are buying several hundred or even 10,000 bricks to build a brand new house.

If you’re struggling to determine the best brick for your building requirements, we can help. Using our brick matching service means that you can send us your brick, or even pictures of your property, and we will work to determine the best style, size, and colour of brick for your project.

Wide Choice Of Traditional Styles

At T Caudwell, we source our stock of bricks from many different properties, which means that we have a wide selection of styles, colours, and dimensions available. Whether you are renovating a Victorian or Georgian property, want the weathered yellow brick that is synonymous with London’s period properties, or even if you need traditional paving and other reclaimed stone products.

Call us on 01622 746 225 or call in to our yard in Maidstone where you can see the more than half a million bricks that we have in stock.

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